Our Team

Our Team

The best multilingual professionals

Telecom Networks main corner stone is its people. We acknowledge that they are the ones responsible for the success of each project.

That is the main reason why we always look out for their best interest. We work towards developing different strategies and incentive plans in order to meet their needs and keep them motivated. Through different workshops we accomplish the goal of developing in each agent the sense of belonging to your company, and also increase productivity and reduce the turnover rate.

We hire the best multilingual professionals (Spanish/English, Portuguese/ English/Spanish) with an excellent attitude and experienced customer service skills.

We achieve all this through an experimented Human Resources Department specialized in recruiting and coaching candidates specifically skilled for the different types of tasks required for each individual project.

The agents in our Contact Center are monitored and evaluated in each one of their tasks; as a result, their performance is rewarded through an outstanding compensation plan.

Compensation plan:

  • Base salary (monthly or by the hour)
  • Incentives based on performance
  • Productivity
  • Quality & Accuracy
  • Punctuality and Attendance
  • Additional benefits
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Private transportation during special weekends.